2011 Pace Sport Utility trailer. In 2011 ramp pins had to be rewelded since they broke off.

In 2012 rewired entire trailer with solid connection lights since they were intermittent. The Topper was 3 days ago when we were hauling our new ATV to Eastern WA to go camping and the first steel fender came off at I-90 & Cle elm. 2nd fender followed at I-90 & Ellensburg. The fenders vibrated so much that the welds literally broke.

Thank God no one was hurt other than the Fenders being destroyed. I have only used trailer about 8 times total of 1500 miles.

What a piece of Junk! Just cause it says made in America doesn't mean it was built well especially in this case.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #837591

I have owned 2 Pace cargo trailers.

First was purchased brand new, used daily. Complete frame had to be re welded 3 years later.

I thought things we're not right when side would not close properly and screws kept coming loose. Found out A - frame sheared apart from main tubular frame. Everything else was a cascading event of welds breaking apart. This was a 2003 6' x 10" cargo trailer purchased at the Pace American dealer @ hwy 183 in Irving, Texas.

I completely stripped all interior wood from walls and floor & had trailer re-welded. Cost me as much as a new trailer, only place that factory welds held were around rear doors. Thought it was an isolated case, never complained!

I sold the trailer after 6 years of ownership & bought a used 1989 8' x 22.5' enclosed car trailer with the yellowish & black checkerboard linoleum floor. Dovetailed last 4' drive up ramp door with beaver tail.

Same issue with welds were hat-posts are welded at base perimeter frame. Again, stopped interior & had re-welded / with additional supports like smaller trailer, now on a much bigger platform, also kept blowing out wheel bearings on 3500 lb axle. Finally sold it to a guy that usrs it to store cabinets in. That was 2 years later.

I then bought a quality heavy duty CM 7'10" x 16' all steel trailer. Not a single problem. ..except. ..Just too heavy...ouch!

I just bought another Pace trailer because of size & price.

I am not looking forward to the nightmare that seems to be unfolding the more I clean up and evaluate the trailer. This one is also a Cargo Sport ..8' x 18' with 12" extra height! That's what sold me. However, side door was locked, had trash in it concealing the wooden bar bolted to the center of door permanently preventing from being opened.

Seller conveniently could not find key! Upon further evaluation, I am seeing same frame / hat-posts welds that have failed. This one is a 2003. I actually bought it to use as temporary storage. debating on what I should do next.

It it obvious I will never buy a Pace American trailer again. I am a fool to think I got a deal, this is again going to cost me $$$$$$ dearly!

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #829364

I own a four year old 7' x 16' Journey cargo trailer. The fenders have vibrated loose and had to be re-attached numerous times.

The flex of the trailer has caused the fenders to crack on the rolled outer edges. The trailer has rusted out on the back corners. Many of the screws on the body panels have vibrated out and been replaced. About 10% of the remaining screws are rusted and unsightly.

The rubber seal on the roof, at the front of the trailer, was lifted by the wind and the trailer leaked, damaging some of my stock. The quality is disappointing.

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